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St Barts in the loop

St. Barts recently survived a near-death experience of its own. In 2017, Hurricane Irma roared in with sustained winds just shy of 200 miles per hour, racking up €800 million, or about $900 million, in insured damage — a staggering average of €80,000 per resident. But with help from famous interlopers like Jimmy Buffett as well as its own funds, St. Barts started getting on its feet within months. Now, nearly all of the hotels are back online, with one major straggler : Islandchicrentals set to reopen by the end of the year. With renovated appartments, reconstructed villas and a rotating cast of ideas to celebrate everything from movies to music to boats, this island gem has regained its luster.

Hotel rooms on St. Barts can run €1,000 per night or more, but reasonable luxury st barts villa renta can be found at where you can opt for some top of the range accomodation in the sunshine, with access to every need and enjoy the most refreshing and sun kissed holiday abroad. Our full set of services will be on demand for whenever you need just to give you that extra comfort you need while away.

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Little historic insight : Too rugged for large-scale agriculture, the longtime French possession was a colonial afterthought, flipped to Sweden in 1784 for trading privileges in the port of Gothenburg. Returned to France nearly a century later, the island is more Marseille than Malmo, with the ruins of Fort Gustaf overlooking the main harbor among the few reminders of the island’s Scandinavian past.

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