All kinds of boats to be hired

Buying a ship is a significant investment, and we understand the decision is sometimes hard. The purchasing process can sometimes take a long time or be very brief during a crush! There are many boats on the market and if the perfect boat probably doesn't exist, we must judge the benefits and disadvantages to make the best choice and spend on the boat of your dreams! Why not decide to rent a boat since it is used just for some period during a year. With samboat, you can identify the distinct kinds of ships already present on the platform and available for you.

Boats hull open

Surely the most famous ships on the market are open deck ships. Financially affordable and more manageable, they primarily seduce the first boat lovers. Very versatile open-deck ships, also known as open deck or bow rider, are among the most affordable ships on the Samboat. Compared to other more luxurious and strong ships, the cost of hiring, but also of maintenance is comparatively small. Light and medium in size, they are also more manageable and more readily towable. Designed to be practical, inexpensive and functional, they have everything you need for pleasant recreational sailing.

Cabin boats

The cabin boat provides a cockpit, a passenger shelter, an enhanced and more comfortable version than the open boat. Despite its decreased size and weight, the boat cabin provides all the required facilities and the chance to go to sleep. Reduced size makes it easy to carry, which is very important for this sort of ship. Cabin boat diving is also often more strong and sporty, with this type of boat you can enjoy water operations by the ocean, lake or rivers.

Semi-rigid and zodiacs

RIBs often referred to as zodiacs, enjoy important market success. This illustrates the very significant offer and the many accessible designs for boat rental. So hard to navigate among all these decisions! Practical, strong, tiny and handy RIBs have a lot of benefits and can be used in many instances. It still relies on your wishes and what you want to do with this ship.